You’ve had a bad day? Think again!

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go your way? The folks who took or featured in these photos are certainly no stranger to bad days. With all the atrocities going on in the world, we’re not going to insult anyone by claiming these people are having the worst day ever. So, we’ll look at these photos and commiserate, but also be glad that our days are going better than theirs did. Still think that you had a bad day?12277269_147219665638791_303529906_n 12305387_147219642305460_1011093279_n 12305628_147219418972149_1827033813_n 12305823_147219448972146_1344468179_n 12305991_147219655638792_1044788702_n 12308858_147219498972141_2135131944_n 12308885_147219375638820_1406187679_n 12309059_147219465638811_1572186936_n 12309107_147219425638815_163049179_n 12309177_147219555638802_628865221_n 12309325_147219652305459_1716363901_n 12309408_147219598972131_1413592630_n 12312026_147219585638799_1844855767_n 12312359_147219605638797_697862126_n 12319246_147219552305469_1921893578_n 12319320_147219595638798_474054587_n 12319382_147219608972130_887108891_n 12319440_147219668972124_1452976234_n 12319749_147219432305481_564828822_n 12319763_147219638972127_920062506_n 12325059_147219572305467_1184448331_n 12325217_147219382305486_776075279_n 12336036_147219395638818_52298138_n badday badday1 badday3 badday4 badday5 badday6

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