Scary but incredibly amazing body art by Chooo-San!

Student Hikaru Cho of Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan is no ordinary artist. She could transform your body into something out of this world with her incredible hyperreal body art. How it all started? It all started when she (Chooo San) was studying for her university exams. She would objects such as eyes on her hands while breaking from her studies. This lead to her creating a portfolio of her amazing body paintings. The body art images are freakishly scary but quite impressive-from eyes on the face to batteries, zippers, laces and buttons on the body.

Chooo-San 2 Chooo-San 3 Chooo-San 4 Chooo-San 5 Chooo-San 6 Chooo-San 7 Chooo-San 9 Chooo-San 10 Chooo-San 11 Chooo-San 12 Chooo-San 13 Chooo-San 14 Chooo-San 15 Chooo-San 16 Chooo-San 17 Chooo-San 18 Chooo-San 19 Chooo-San 20 Chooo-San 21 Chooo-San 22 Chooo-San 23 Chooo-San 24 Chooo-San 25 Chooo-San

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